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Communications Coordinator

Position Description



Communications Coordinator


The purpose of this position is to assist in implementing the Presbytery’s vision and programs by overseeing the administration and developing and maintaining media and communications to grow and enhance relationships within the Presbytery.



The Communication Coordinator will relate to:

  • The Resource Presbyter as project/vision collaborator, colleague, support and supervisor.
  • The Stated Clerk as project collaborator, colleague, support, and supervisor in the absence of the Resource Presbyter.
  • Other elected staff, officers, committee chairs and volunteers as resource.
  • Pastors and teaching elders as a resource and aide in communications/media matters.
  • The Council with whom s/he works on issues of accountability and job performance. 




Strengthen ties between the Presbytery, its pastors and churches through appropriate forms of communication, including the use of social media. 

  • Evaluate the Presbytery’s current modes of communication for efficacy and connectional impact.
  • Investigate the possibility of using new modes of communication for the Presbytery, including social media outlets and the development of an app.
  • Be available to pastors, members, and Presbytery Committee/Commission chairs as needed.
  • Be available to attend special events within the Presbytery if requested to by the Resource Presbyter and/or Stated Clerk.


Ensure that lines of communication are open and functioning within the Presbytery in order to share resources and information effectively. 

  • Work collaboratively with the Resource Presbyter and Stated Clerk as a contact point for queries within the Presbytery. 
  • Forward queries/information/ideas, particularly from the Presbytery email account, to appropriate people/committees/commissions.
  • Help to communicate details of training events and other special events within the Presbytery.
  • Help to plan and advertise Presbytery Day and other appropriate Presbytery events/functions.


In close conjunction with the Resource Presbyter and Stated Clerk, maintain the basic administrative and webmaster duties of the Presbytery.

  • Function as Webmaster by:
    • updating webpages with appropriate resources, dates, photos, and attachments.
    • creating new webpages as needed.
    • responding to requests for new user logins or lost login information.
    • keeping Presbytery directory up-to-date.
    • providing technical support to Committee chairs.
  • Prepare and distribute stated meeting packets via the website.
  • Maintain Presbytery of Boston primary email account.
  • Collect and distribute physical mail sent to the Presbytery office.
  • Prepare and send weekly Presbytery of Boston e-connection newsletter.
  • Arrange and distribute monthly Presbytery bulletin insert.
  • Attend and assist with Presbytery meetings. 


The Communication Coordinator will be supervised by the Resource Presbyter and accountable to the Council.  S/he will receive additional support from Presbytery staff and council.  The Communications Coordinator will work for a probationary period of four months; during the third month of this period, there will be a formal job review.


This Position Description will be revisited and revised twelve months following the hire of the Communications Coordinator in order to assess the whether the position is meeting the needs of the Presbytery.

Applications consisting of a cover letter, resume, and three references should be submitted to position@presbyteryofboston.org by September 30.

Parish Administrator

Church of the Covenant


67 Newbury Street, Boston, MA



Position Description for Parish Administrator

Starting immediately

 Parish Administrator

Church of the Covenant is a progressive, inner-city congregation in the Back Bay of Boston.   We are seeking a part-time Parish Administrator who will be responsible for the administrative tasks in the congregation, and who will report to the pastors of the congregation and work collaboratively with all staff to ensure the church’s program is run in alignment with the congregation’s priorities and missions. Job responsibilities are described below.

 Qualities needed include:

·         strong communications and interpersonal skills

·         collaborative work style

·         attention to detail and creative problem solving

·         skilled in administrative computer applications

·         commitment to the mission and values of Church of the Covenant

 Responsibilities include:

·         Designing, printing, and preparing weekly print materials: church bulletin, door calendars, sermon poster

·         Serving as webmaster: Maintaining and updating the church website with occasional design changes and updates

·         Serving as church’s primary social media coordinator

·         Writing and designing weekly e-newsletter, “This Week at Covenant”

·         Designing, printing and distributing promotional materials (seasonal posters, newspaper ads, Facebook ads)

·         Designing, printing and distributing internal annual publications: Annual Report, Church Directory

·         Serving as the “face of Covenant” during time in office

·         Answering and responding to phone messages and general email and when appropriate directing them to relevant staff

·         Connecting visitors/members with church communications and systems:

o   Making and updating name tags

o   Managing and updating the database, birthday list, visitor list

o   Sending welcome emails

o   Updating and maintaining various church listservs

o   Following up with visitors (welcome email, connect them to listservs), in consultation with the Membership Development Committee

·         Responding to congregational requests for information

·         Supporting church committees and officers with periodic administrative needs (printing, preparing materials, occasional design jobs)

·         Maintaining the church online calendars (building use, staff, congregational, etc.)

·         Participating in weekly staff meetings and taking minutes                                                     

·         Collaborating with other staff to maintain clean, well-organized common spaces (shared kitchen, conference rooms, hallways, printing rooms, Sanctuary, Bates Hall)

·         Inventorying/ordering office supplies

Conditions of the Job:

·         16 hours per week in two days: Tuesdays and one other day in the office

Send resume and cover letter to: COTC Personnel Committee at pc@cotcbos.org

Additional background: Our church is located at the exciting junction of Berkeley and Newbury Streets, and stands as a progressive faith community committed to being a source of light and compassion and a voice for justice and welcoming to our city and world.  Our building is a National Historic Landmark deeply rooted in our neighborhood as we host the Women’s Lunch Place, Gallery NAGA, Coro Allegro Choir, and our own food pantry, in addition to many recovery and wellness programs. http://www.cotcbos.org/