Committee on Preparation for Ministry

The Committee on Preparation for Ministry helps Inquirers and Candidates to discern their call, and evaluates and guides them throughout the inquiry and candidacy process. The committee gives guidance as to what courses to take, where and when to take CPE, and how to acquire financial support. Through annual consultations, the committee continues to be informed about the spiritual growth and development of those under its care and monitors their progress. In addition the committee keeps the sponsoring sessions informed about goals that are set each year and sends updated lists of inquirers and candidates to both the Presbytery of Boston as well as the national office.

Each inquirer/candidate is assigned a member of the committee as liaison.

Helpful Information

Sessions, (future) inquirers, and candidates might find helpful information in the following document, developed by the Committee on Preparation for Ministry of the Presbytery of Boston:

There are new CPM forms available in PDF format from the National Office. These forms can be downloaded and filled in on-line, so they can easily be emailed as well as printed.

Resource from the national office: 


Financial Aid:


Background Check Policy Document:

CPM Background Check Policy

Committee Information:

CPM meets on the second Tuesday of each month.

Current members of CPM:

Chair: Drew Hanson, Diane Cusumano (TE-2024), Sang Kang (RE-2025), 2nd term, Desiree Lawson (TE-2026)

Inquirers: Candidates: Certified Ready to Receive Call:

Nathan Leach (Hyde Park)

Brent O'Neill (Fourth)

Young Ra Rhee (Fourth)

Janine Warrington (Fourth) 

Thankam Rangala (Good Shepherd)

Steven Bingaman (Sudbury)

Chase Grogan (Roxbury)

 Joe Welker



Michael Motia (Fourth)