Assembly Meetings

The Presbytery of Boston meets 5-6 times a year in order to build up our congregations and ministries, examine Teaching Elders for membership and candidates for ordination and installation, nominate and elect people to do the work of our committees and task forces, and determine policy and budget for the body. All people are welcome to attend the meetings, though only Teaching Elder members of the Presbytery, Ruling Elder officers of the Presbytery and committee chairs, and designated Ruling Elder commissioners from member congregations are able to vote.

2020 Stated Meetings

March 9, Assembly Meeting, 7 pm at Newton Presbyterian Church, 75 Vernon St. Newton, MA

TBD: Celebration of the Ministry of the Needham Presbyterian Church

September 28, Assembly Meeting, 7 pm via Zoom, hosted by Hartford St Presbyterian Church, 99 Hartford St. Natick, MA 

December 7, Assembly Meeting, 7 pm, location to be determined

Meeting Registration

For this Assembly meeting, you will need to register through Zoom.

Click here to register for the meeting. Once you register, you will receive the Zoom link for the meeting. It will not be published in the calendar, so be sure to save your registration confirmation email.

Because we are meeting via Zoom, there are a few things to be aware of:

1) We will offer three training sessions for any commissioners to the meeting so you are familiar with how to seek recognition to speak, how to make a motion or offer an amendment, and how we will vote. All commissioners and corresponding members will be required to log into Zoom with a video capable device; you will not be able to call in to this meeting on a landline phone.

2) The meeting will be live-streamed on the Presbytery's Facebook page for any who wish to watch without needing to participate. Only those who register through the Zoom link above will be given the link to access the meeting itself.

3) All participants will be muted during the meeting and will need to seek recognition in order to be unmuted by the meeting host and recognized to speak by the Moderator. Participating in one of the planning sessions will help make this process easier and ensure that you are ready to participate fully.

4) All voting commissioners will need to be logged in separately on their own device. If two people from the same church or home are logged in on one device, you will only be counted as one vote.

The training sessions will be offered at 12 pm and 5 pm on Wednesday, September 16, and at 7 pm on Thursday, September 17. Each training session should be about 30 minutes long. The Zoom link to the training sessions are in the calendar and available through the e-connections the week before the training.

Plans for procedures during the meeting

1) All voting members must join via smart phone, tablet, or computer. There will not be access via telephone call.

2) It is necessary to register on this website prior to the meeting to receive the meeting’s log-in information.

3) Those who do not register may watch, but not participate in voting, by Facebook live.

4) To tally votes, we will use the polling feature.

5) Seek recognition to be unmuted by using the raise hand feature.

6) If you have a motion or amendment, it must be typed into the chat so that it is in writing.

7) If you have a motion that does not require recognition, it should also be typed in the chat.

8) Seconding can be done through giving the green checkmark feedback in the participants panel.

9) Consensus votes will be performed through noting if anyone uses the red “x” as an objection.