We seek to be faithful witnesses to Christ in loving service together, supporting the Great Ends of the Church.
We strengthen and grow the congregations of the Presbytery by providing guidance and resources for their ministries and by encouraging partnerships.
We engage in Presbytery-unifying activities of peace, kindness, justice, witness and evangelism.
We provide pastoral care for ministers and their families.
  • Events

    The Presbytery of Boston is proud to offer training throughout the year to its deacons, elders and financial leaders.


  • Newsletter

    A weekly e-newsletter, The Parish Paper, and discussions on our blog are some of the resources available.


  • Church Directory

    Looking for a church in your area or need to contact one? View our complete church directory by town.


  • Resources

    Various resources are provided to Clerks, Churches and Clergy to assist and guide you throughout the year.


Latest Blog Posts
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    The wilderness wanderings of Moses and the Hebrews are rich texts full of wisdom and promise for us. But are the wilderness wanderings the best metaphor for our experience in the church today? Perhaps...
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    When was the last time you were eager to invite someone to worship or a church function? What holds us back? What can we do to become communities we're excited to invite people to join?
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    A story of how the NBA turned things around might offer some tips for churches facing decline.
  • Soul and Role

    The role of teaching elder, ruling elder, deacon, or other leaders in the church grows out of our soul and faith. But when we are acting in a role, are we acting in congruence with our soul? Or are we...
  • You Are Witnesses

    When Jesus told the disciples, "You are witnesses of these things," what did he mean? What does it mean for us to be witnesses as followers of Christ?
  • Me and Jesus

    Can we really live a life of faith if it's just "me and Jesus?" Or is participating in some part of the Body of Christ essential?