Committee on Preparation for Ministry


If you are interested in becoming an inquirer, please contact your
pastor and session first to discuss your calling with them. 

The Committee on Preparation for Ministry helps Inquirers and Candidates to discern their call, and evaluates and guides them throughout the inquiry and candidacy process. The committee gives guidance as to what courses to take, where and when to take CPE, and how to acquire financial support. Through annual consultations, the committee continues to be informed about the spiritual growth and development of those under its care and monitors their progress. In addition the committee keeps the sponsoring sessions informed about goals that are set each year and sends updated lists of inquirers and candidates to both the Presbytery of Boston as well as the national office.

Each inquirer/candidate is assigned a member of the committee as liaison.

Sessions, (future) inquirers, and candidates might find helpful information in the following document, developed by the Committee on Preparation for Ministry of the Presbytery of Boston:

Guidelines toward Ministry

CPM Requirements

Field Education Guidelines

Writing a Statement of Faith

There are new CPM forms available in PDF format from the National Office. These forms can be downloaded and filled in on-line, so they can easily be emailed as well as printed.


Seminary/Theological Institutions related to PCUSA:

Becoming a Presbyterian Minister:

Application to the process:

To enroll as an inquirer:

To advance to candidacy:


Financial planning for theological education:

Seminary Debt Assistance Program:


Registration for exams:

Online trainings:


Bible Content exam:

Senior Ordination exams:

CPM meets on the second Tuesday of each month at Newton Presbyterian Church, 75 Vernon Street, Newton, MA 02458

Current members of CPM:
Mark Vogel, Chair (E) (2016); Kim Houston (E) (2016); Michael Fitzgerald (E) (2016); Michael O'Brien (M) (2017); Renn Serna (M) (2017); Scott Dickinson (E) (2018); Christy Lang Hearlson (M) (2018); Sandra Mangual (M) (2018)

Betty Rots, Administrative Clerk

Inquirers: Candidates: Certified Ready to Receive Call:

Devin Berry (Clinton)

David Scott Dickinson (Clinton)

Chase Grogan (Roxbury)

Young Ra Rhee (Fourth)

Cavan Concannon (Fourth)

Karla Dias (Hartford Street)

Sarah Hathaway (Fourth)

Paul (Dong Kwang) Kim (Korean Church)

Suejeanne Koh (Bethany)

Michael Motia (Fourth)

Bobby C. Murphy (Fourth)


Rae Huang (Fourth)

Alice Kim (Bethany)